Application Simulation Software

Application simulation software enables users to simulate the actual motor control application without the need for the actual equipment. Our application simulation software can be used as a demonstration tool during a sales meeting or as an interactive tool for training classes.

Customized software available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

Example: Simplex Pump Application Simulation

Control application and adjust parameter settings directly from the application window.

Example: Duplex Pump Application

Monitor pressure and stage / de-stage pump operation directly from the application window.

Example: Simulator Monitor Panel

Monitor flow when pumps are brought on across the line directly from the application window.


  • During training classes
    During sales presentations
    During product launch
    No need to send out expensive demo units
    Easy to distribute
    Exact representation of your product

  • Simulation of analog inputs and outputs
    Simulation of digital inputs and outputs
    Simulation of pulse inputs and outputs
    Custom user terminals
    Simulation of Motor rotation
    Simulation of faults and alarms

  • Simulation of Motor rotation
    Motor overload
    Motor current & torque

  • Integrated product manual
    Integrated sales and marketing materials

  • Create dedicated project each simulation
    Open and save simulation projects
    Export project to commissioning software

  • Edit, View, Modify Parameters
    Generate Parameter Report
    Export Parameter Report (PDF, WORD, Excel, etc..)

  • Built-in monitor panel
    Built-in trender

NOTE: We do not offer standard application simulation software products. All our application simulation software is custom designed based on customer specification, contact us for more information.