Energy Estimator for AC Motor Systems

Energy Estimation Software for AC Motor systems. This program estimates energy savings and payback time when a new AC motor with a higher efficiency in installed (e.g. NEMA Premium Motor) in place of a standard efficiency motor or rewinding an existing AC motor.

The results can be viewed in graphical format and text format and the software has built-in functions to generate an energy estimation report especially designed for consultants.

Allows users to estimate energy savings of a project containing multiple motor systems of equal or different size. The software generates multi-page project report including a summary page based on the estimated savings of the total project.

Custom software development available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android Platforms.

Example: AC Motor System

Specify Application Type, Motor Data, VFD Cost, Installation and Operation.

Example: Project Management

Project Management and Overview of Motor Systems

Example: Energy Estimation Overview

Energy Estimation of Total Project including Carbon Footprint Estimation.

Example: Energy Estimation Report

Preview, Print, Export or E-mail Energy Estimation Report.


  • Create individual Project

    Open and Save Projects

    Add, View and Modify Project Information

    5 Easy Steps to complete Estimation

    Single Motor or Multiple Motors under one Project

    Project Energy Estimation

    Project Carbon Foot Print Estimation

    Project Payback Estimation

    Indvidual VFD Energy Estimation

    Currency selection ($, Euro, Pound or Custom)

  • Edit, View, Modify Motor Systems

    Name Indvidual Motor Systems

    Indvidual Energy Estimation

    Indvidual Carbon Foot Print Estimation

    Systems up to 5000 HP / kW

    Specify Hours of Operation

    Specify Motor and Installation Cost

    Specify Motor Rewind Cost

  • Utility Rate Function

    Alternate Rate (Night Rate) Function

    Incentive function

    Total System Rebate Function

  • Compare New Motor to Rewound Motor

    Customizable Motor Efficiencies

  • Preview Estimation Report

    Print Estimation Report

    Customize Estimation Report (Logo, Company)

    Export Estimation Report (PDF, WORD, Excel, etc..)

    E-mail Estimation Report (PDF)

  • Duty Cycle Graph

    Payback Graph

    Power Required Graph

    Energy Usage Graph

    Energy Savings Graph

    CO2 Emmisions Graph

    Graphs selectable on Energy Estimation Report

  • Metric / English Units Selection

  • Integrated Help File

    Integrated Product Documentation

NOTE: We do not offer standard motor estimation software products. All our motor estimation software is custom designed based on customer specification, contact us for more information.