Harmonics Estimator

The Harmonics Estimator for Variable Frequency Drive systems estimates harmonic contribution when using variable frequency drives in 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse configurations with input line reactors, DC-Link reactors and filters (Active, Passive).

The Harmonics Estimator software consists of a user friendly interface that allows the user to estimate harmonic contribution of a new or existing system in a quick and easy way.

The results can be viewed in graphical format and text format and the software has built-in functions to generate a harmonic estimation report especially designed for consultants.

Allows users to estimate harmonic contribution of a single variable system or a project containing multiple systems of equal or different size. The software generates multi-page project report including a summary page based on the estimated harmonic contribution of the total project.

Customized software available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

Example: VFD System

Specify VFD Input Type and Motor Data.

Example: Project Management

Project Management and Overview of VFD Systems

Example: Harmonics Estimation Overview

Harmonics Estimation of Total Project including Pre-Existing System

Example: Harmonics Estimation Report

Preview, Print, Export or E-mail Harmonics Estimation Report.

Demo Software

File Size: 15.6 MB
File Format: Windows ZIP File
Compatible with Windows XP or higher
Installation: Unzip File to Temporary Folder and run setup.exe


  • Create individual Project

    Open and Save Projects

    Add, View and Modify Project Information

    5 Easy Steps to complete Estimation

    Single VFD or Multiple VFDs under one Project

    Project Total Harmonics Distortion Estimation

    Indvidual VFD Harmonics Distortion Estimation

    Specify Pre-Existing Systems

  • Linear or VFD Load Type Systems

    Edit, View, Modify Systems

    Name Indvidual Systems

    Specify 6, 12, 18 or 24 Pulse VFD Configuration

    Specify Input Line Reactors

    Specify DC-Link Reactors

    Specify Filters (Passive / Active)

    Systems up to 5000 HP / kW

  • Select Utility Frequency (50Hz / 60Hz)

    Specify Secondary Voltage

    Specify Utility Transformer (KVA, Impedance, ISC)

    Estimate Transformer Load

  • Specify Secondary Voltage

    Specify User Transformer (KVA, Impedance, ISC)

    Estimate Transformer Load

  • Preview Estimation Report

    Print Estimation Report

    Customize Estimation Report (Logo, Company)

    Export Estimation Report (PDF, WORD, Excel, etc..)

    E-mail Estimation Report (PDF)

  • PCC1 Harmonic Current / Voltage Graph

    PCC2 Harmonic Current / Voltage Graph

    Graphs selectable on Energy Estimation Report

  • Metric / English Units Selection

  • Integrated Help File

    Integrated Product Documentation