Product Simulation Software

Product simulation software enables users to operate, program and simulate AC drives, Soft Starters, DC Drives or Servo Drives directly from their computer without having the actual product present or connected.

Our simulation software can be used as a demonstration tool during a sales meeting or as an interactive tool for training classes. Software available.

Customized software available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

Example: Simulation Control Panel

Modify parameters directly from the keypad and control the VFD

Example: Simulator Trender

With the built-in trender the user can monitor signals during product operation.

Example: Simulator Monitor Panel

With the built-in monitor panel the user can monitor signals on dedicated gauges.

Example: Parameter Management

Edit, View, Print, Export or E-mail Simulation Parameters


  • During training classes
    During sales presentations
    During product launch
    No need to send out expensive demo units
    Easy to distribute
    Exact representation of your product

  • Simulation of analog inputs and outputs
    Simulation of digital inputs and outputs
    Simulation of pulse inputs and outputs
    Custom user terminals
    Simulation of Motor rotation
    Simulation of faults and alarms

  • Simulation of Motor rotation
    Motor overload
    Motor current & torque

  • Integrated product manual
    Integrated sales and marketing materials

  • Create dedicated project each simulation
    Open and save simulation projects
    Export project to commissioning software

  • Edit, View, Modify Parameters
    Generate Parameter Report
    Export Parameter Report (PDF, WORD, Excel, etc..)

  • Built-in monitor panel
    Built-in trender

NOTE: We do not offer standard simulation software products. All our simulation software is custom designed based on customer specification, contact us for more information.